Friday, June 24, 2011

I wana go outside...

Outside is a lot of interesting things but again, my mom don't let me go. She must now work on the computer and can't go out with me. I can only look at this wonderful world outside...


  1. Hello, little sweetheart! We are friends of Eric and Flynn and come over to meet you. You certainly are adorable. We would love to visit you and watch your adventures.

    We don't have our own blog yet because our mum is too busy with our sick Gran
    Our love to you.

  2. Sheldon, you are a cutie and we are so glad to meet you. We belong to the blogosphere too. Stop by and see us if you want.

    ~Four Crazy Cats

    PS - Mom is having to post anonymously because google doesn't always let us comment otherwise. Very strange.

  3. Hi Sheldon! We are three cats, one dog and one horse living in France. Welcome to the Blogosphere. We hope you will make many, many friends.

    We (the cats) are not allowed outside either although we have a special outside enclosure.

    Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan

  4. me and my little sis-ter is not allowed Outside either. you gets used to it. hello from New York!
    ~AttieCattie (and AudreyCake)

  5. Hi, Sheldon, we're glad to meet you. Only one of us likes to go outside. Guess he thinks he's a dog since he runs out into the dog pen with them when Jan opens the door.

  6. Hi Sheldon - I am an indoor-only kitty and most of the time I think going outside is overrated! Thanks for stopping by my birthday party!

  7. Hi Sheldon!

    It's nice to meet you, cutie! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. It's a very nice place, and we know you are going to love it here. :)

    Moosey and Sammy are indoor-only cats, but they are well-loved and very happy.

    - meowmeowmans
    Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  8. Hi Sheldon!

    You are adorable! Lots of happy ear scritches for you.

  9. Hi Sheldon. We like to go outdoors in the garden. It is safe for us because our dad put up a big high fence all around so we can't get out. We like to go for walks in the fields with our mum as well, but she can't go far with us yet because she is still recovering from an operation.

  10. Hi Sheldon! I don't go outdoors either and it's OK. Purrs to you litle one.


  11. Hi Sheldon! You're a real cutie pie! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!

    You can teleport over to our townhouse in southeastern Ontario in Canada--we do go out, but only into our small, enclosed back space and garden. We don't roam, but we still get to eat grass and bugs! :-)

    -Nicki and Derry

  12. Hi Sheldon! Welcome to da Cat Blogosphere, hope we will be good frends.

  13. Hi Sheldon! It is nice to meet you. You sure are cute! I like to look out the window, too.

  14. We came back to see how you are doing Sheldon - we are sure your mom will take you outside soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Hey Sheldon, there are some pretty scary and evil things out there. Just enjoy the view!

  16. Hi Sheldon, thanks for visiting our blog. You are a cutie, you make us think of our kitty furiend Teddy, Huffle's little brother.

    Mom says we wouldn't do well with a kitty in the house, so tell your Mom to be careful if she decides to get a siberian. Some can do well with kitties, but most bring out their high prey instinct.

    Nice to meet you. We love all our virtual blog furry felines.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara