Monday, December 17, 2018

Greet Lusia and Rysiek

At the beginning, let me mention we didn't planed adopt any kittens after Pika's death.

A week after that sad day on coincidence of circumstance we heard about two cute kitties. As soon as we saw these cute grays we said we take them!

It turned out that they are in a shelter in our town. Ryszard and Lusia (Richard and Lucy) are about 5 months old.

Our Sheldon from the beginning looked at them with a hostile eye. But from day to day, he was more kind to little devils. Fortunately, he almost accepted them and sometimes scolds them with his paw but without claws.

Toddlers demolish our whole house, but we forgive them everything, because they are so cute :)



Rysiek (Richard)

Lusia (Lucy)


We Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and a lot of cats :)


  1. What little cuties! I hope you share more of them soon!

  2. They are precious, I hope you will post more photos and tell us more
    about them as they grow up ...